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If you are serious about learning Ruby or Rails, or hopefully both, please do yourself a favor and visit This is a curated list of resources for Ruby and Rails learning. All of the resources I would recommend, have heard about, or tried to start learning with are in this list.

Any time I want to learn anything new, no matter what it is, I first need to find the resources I am going to use to learn. Usually I will have one of two problems when looking for learning resources, too few resources or too many resources. This is even more difficult if I am going off the ventured path, straying from what my usual circle of friends, family, and colleagues normally deal with who can help.

The difficulty with finding too few resources lies in having enough information for cross referencing, accuracy, or being able to gauge how steep the learning curve is going to be. Finding too many resources can be even harder than finding too few resources because now I have to really do my homework. I need to find out which resources are accurate, out of date, expensive or even teaches bad habits.

I went through this struggle when gathering learning resources. Fortunately, I knew some people in the community that have always been available to answer a question and give a lending hand. I was directed to a book, tutorial, and training course. While I was taking the suggested course, Chris Lee and Kevin Wang, the guys who host the Rails Tutors courses launched Learn Ruby And Rails.

If you decide to take the Rails Tutors course, this code will give you 10% off the cost of registration: 1d321b98. In full disclosure, I will benefit if enough people use my discount code to register. Aside from any benefits a discount code might bring to me, I have taken the course and strongly recommend it for people who have existing backgrounds in web technology.

Edit: Clarified language surrounding discount code.


  1. I started building LearnTribe for this very reason. Keeping track of learning resources across multiple topics in and out of Rails was becoming challenging. I kept bookmarks in a browser, a pile of books on my shelf, eBooks on my iPad, and I was at various states in different courses online. Keeping track of what you want to learn and how/where you do. It shouldn’t be a challenge.

    So LearnTribe let’s you make your own lists of resources on a topic (add books, tutorials, screencasts, courses, articles, etc) and then you can check them off as you go. You can share your lists with friends or the public, and people can contribute to your lists. You can even go and copy another person’s lists and make it your own, later adding and removing items to it.

    Eventually the goal will be to let the good resources bubble up to the top, so that if you wanted to learn a new language, new framework, new gardening style, etc you will be able to find the best curated resources for any topic.

    I’d love it if you came and took a look at it and gave me some advice/thoughts about it! The design is pretty basic since I’ve yet to partner up with a designer to really make it shine.

  2. Hey – you might also want to check out We teach basic and advanced Ruby through online interactive exercises. There is a free Ruby Primer that covers the fundamentals of Ruby. Learning the Ruby language helps you understand Rails better.

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